Hi everyone, I wanted to share a few Testimonials with you guys I have received over the years. Anew Beginning is a natural alternatives health page I started on Facebook a few years ago. So I could try and help people who are suffering from different health issues. I created The Hillbilly Shaman for the same reasons and because apparently, Facebook has a problem with some of my content.

Jerry Davenport  recommends Anew Beginning.

March 27, 2018  · I have been friends with Dale for over 30 yrs he is honest and truthful and he has not been sick in that time. I know people he has cured or helped. I would trust Dale with anything I have not ever known him to ever mislead anyone.

Tammie Cox Rymer  recommends Anew Beginning.

October 29, 2018  · Dale is so awesome with helping people I know for sure he is better than doctors are. Doctors couldn’t cure me but Dale could and did. He is truly an angel from heaven.


Shannon Davis  recommends Anew Beginning.

April 10, 2018  · I’ve known Dale for approximately 25 years. His methods may seem unorthodox, but they work if you follow the instructions that he gives. And, I agree I don’t remember at any time, Dale being sick. He’s usually ahead of anyone else that comes up with natural remedies. He did a personal session with my mom for arthritis & alleviated most of her pain, she just didn’t stick to the instructions at home & her pain returned. Also, my husband & I use a couple of remedies for various ailments. Of course, there are some severe ailments that you need to also seek a doctor, but in those cases, use his natural way alongside for better results. 🤒😷🤧👍

Allen Crowe  recommends Anew Beginning.

November 16, 2018  · 

Susan P Amendola  recommends Anew Beginning.

November 3, 2018, · Dale is the most informative, knowledgeable, and caring person I have come across in a long time. I have had medical issues for some time and within the three weeks I have been talking to him and using his methods, I, as well as my doctors, have seen a drastic shift. FOR THE BETTER. I even got a call from my doctor this week asking me to STOP taking a medication. This has never happened before. Thank you, Dale, I know I am only getting better every day because of you…….

Susan Newton  recommends Anew Beginning.

October 17, 2019, · Dale is my uncle and after many trips to the doctor’s, I decided to call him and see if he could help me with my health issues the main issue bring non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a type of cancer, fast-growing large c cell tumor. And of course, he was really excited that I called and yes was his answer. I started the regimen in Aug, and of today I’m totally cancer-free and all my blood work came back better than it’s ever been since before all this started. I strongly recommend anyone with any type of cancer please look this page over. If the doctors have given up on you or you’re just wanting to do an all-natural regimen that’s easy works fast and kills cancer!!!! Contact Dale Odom and see if he can help you feel better GET better and get you back to living your life. I thank God every day for this man.

Allyson Lipnack

September 29, 2019,  · Big shout out to Dale Odom for helping me out with my eczema NATURALLY. Only had to use the medication for a week, after that I went all natural and my itch is GONE. Boosting up my immune system. You’re the bomb digity. Thank you for being so passionate and so unconditional. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Ashley Clark

February 17, 2020, . Ok, I’ve been taking CBD for a little while now and I can tell you. It works! I was skeptical at first, but I’m a firm believer that if you have sleeping issues, anxiety, depression, pain. You need it. Dale Odom is the man to go to for all your CBD needs. Plus he knows about a lot more than just CBD. He’s very holistic and knows what he’s talking about. HUGE thumbs up for him and a big thanks to him.

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