Are Body Cleanses Healthy For You – The Health Crisis In America

Are Body Cleanses Healthy for you is a question I have been asked a lot over the years. Well, obviously I can’t speak for everyone I can only speak for myself and my experiences over the years. I am a person who has always been passionate about health. I started fasting and meditating when I was twelve years old, and I have been doing body cleanses since I was twenty, so I have a pretty good understanding of body cleanses.

There is no substitute for eating a healthy and clean diet. But if you are always on the go and aren’t eating healthy, then you might want to start thinking about doing a few body cleanses, especially if you are having health issues.

Why Should A Person Start Doing Body Cleanses

With the health crisis in America and other countries, people have got to start being responsible and take back control over their health and quit running to these doctors with every little thing. I had a potential client call me the other day with a health issue, and the medication for this particular problem was $21,000 for one bottle. This, to me, is an absolute outrage, and it makes me very angry to watch people suffering and be charged this amount of money for something that will only treat the symptoms.

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I started this website because I am tired of watching people suffering and being taking advantage of. I will probably get in trouble for saying this because we all know there is no such thing as Free Speech. Still, I am going to say what I think and feel about this medical society we have and how corrupt it is about suppressing cures so they can charge people a fortune for things like Cancer and Diabetes.

When someone develops a disease of some kind, I want you to think of it like this. It is your body’s way of telling you that something you are doing is wrong, and you are going to have to change the things you are doing. Whether it’s your dieting habits, letting things stress you out, your belief system, etc. It is kind of like a check engine light coming on in your car, letting you know there is a problem (Houston We Have A Problem).

Don’t let these doctors scare you into believing that there is no cure for Cancer, Diabetes, or other diseases, and the only treatment option available to you is Chemo, Radiation, surgery, and drugs. Because if you give your body what it needs, it will heal itself because that is the way God designed us. We have got to get back to a healthy way of eating and living and start getting away from these poisonous processed and fast foods that are making you unhealthy.

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Why Should You Listen To Me

I don’t claim to be an expert, but considering I am 55 years old, not on any medications and haven’t been sick or to a doctor since I was 12 years old other than having to take a physical for a job I must be doing something right. For the past 30+ years, I have worked with a lot of people with all kinds of health issues, including Cancer and Diabetes, to get back to a healthy way of life using a natural approach. (For disclosure purposes, I am not a doctor, nor have I ever had any medical training other than my research).

I have heard some pretty horrific horror stories over the years working with people on their health issues. People are having limbs amputated because of Diabetes. The thousands of dollars people are spending for Chemo and Radiation treatments for Cancer and what all they went through after the treatments. It saddens me to no end that the medical establishment puts people through this kind of torture.  I honestly don’t know how they can sleep at night.

For anyone who has health issues and wishes to contact me, you can go to my contact page and leave me a message, or you can visit my natural alternative health page on Facebook and leave me a message there. There, you can read some of the recommendations I have received from people I have worked with over the years. Here are three of the ones I’ve received.

Dale is so awesome with helping people I know for sure he is better than doctors are. Doctors couldn’t cure me of my Leukemia, but Dale could and did. He is truly an angel from heaven.

October 29, 2018

Dale is the most informative, knowledgeable, and caring person I have come across in a long time. I have had medical issues for some time, and within the three weeks, I have been talking to him and using his methods, I, as well as my doctors, have seen a drastic shift. FOR THE BETTER. I even got a call from my doctor this week asking me to STOP taking a medication. This has never happened before. Thank you, Dale, I know I am only getting better every day because of you…….

November 3, 2018

Dale is my uncle, and after many trips to the doctor’s, I decided to call him and see if he could help me with my health issues the main issue being Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, this is a type of cancer, fast-growing large c cell tumor. And of course, he was really excited that I called, and yes was his answer. I started the regimen in Aug, and as of today, I’m totally Cancer-Free, and all my blood work came back better than it’s ever been since before all this started.

I strongly recommend anyone with any type of cancer; please look this page over. If the doctors have given up on you or you just want to do an all-natural regimen, that’s easy works fast and kills cancer!!!! Contact Dale Odom and see if he can help you feel better to GET better and get you back to living your life. I thank God every day for this man.

October 17, 2019

What I Do To Help People With Their Health Issues

When someone contacts me, I let them know upfront that I am not a doctor. Everything I know comes from my research of 30+ years. After that, I find out what kind of health issues they have, and I ask a lot of questions about what medications they are now taking. I guess I could be considered a health coach or a consultant even though I have never assigned a label to myself.

Health is my passion, and I do not charge for my services. However, if your health issue does get better or goes away entirely and you feel the need to pay me something for my time and services as some people do, I have a Paypal account setup. But I don’t do this for money. I do this because I care.

Once I have determined what health issues and medications a person is taking, I then recommend specific vitamins, minerals, supplements, diets, or other things I have found, which would be beneficial to the persons’ health. It is then totally up to you whether or not you take my advice. (As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him/her drink.) I like to stay in close contact with the people I work with to keep a check on their progress.

The bottom line is you have to take responsibility for your health, but I promise you nothing I recommend will cost you thousands of dollars, including the things I recommend for Cancer or Diabetes.

What Body Cleanses Should You Do

There are several different body cleanses that I do at least once a year and some twice a year. I will be covering each cleanses and brand that I use in more detail in future articles. But for now, here is a list of the cleanses that I do each year in order to maintain my health.

  • Liver Cleanse – twice a year
  • Candida Cleanse
  • Heavy Metal Cleanse
  • Parasite Cleanse – twice a year
  • Colon Cleanse

Liver Cleanse – I always start with doing a liver cleanse first because the livers’ job is to filter out all of the toxins in your body. I do this cleanse twice a year.

Candida Cleanse A candida cleanse is for helping to keep the harmful bacteria under control and stop it from overtaking the good bacteria.

Heavy Metal Cleanse – Next, I go into a heavy metal cleanse to eliminate the metals which accumulate in the body and are not removed easily.

Parasite Cleanse – let’s face it; we all have parasites in our bodies, and sometimes they cause a lot of health issues, so I do this cleanse twice a year.

Colon Cleanse – If you are eating a proper diet and are having functional bowel movements once a year should be enough for doing a colon cleanse.

Are Body Cleanses Healthy For You

The question is, are body cleanses healthy for you? Considering I have been doing them for 30+ years now and have no health issues and aren’t on any forms of medications, I think I can honestly say yes. 

I am going to wrap this up here, but in my next article, I will be sharing with everyone the liver cleanse I personally use. I hope you found some value in this article. You might wish to follow this website to be notified when I publish a new article. Just click on the follow button below.

Warmest Wishes!
The Hillbilly Shaman

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  1. Hi I would like to thank you for your informative article on Body Cleanses and whether they are healthy for you or not. I was amazed to read that you are 55 and never had to visit a doctor for a medical condition and never take any medications, for me I am usually on some sort of antibiotic or medication for a stomach condition. It’s good to know there’s more natural alternatives out there.

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I am a very health conscious woman .Physical cleanliness is healthy for me .I am a person who is always fond of health .Physical hygiene creates health problems .Skin is prone to physical cleanliness .There is no alternative to eating a healthy and clean diet .I went to the US last year. I saw that with the US health crisis, people started to feel responsible and were forced to take control of their health and run to this physician with every little thing. I think physical cleanliness is very important for one’s health .Your article will help you understand everything from the American health crisis .

    Lastly I hope everyone is physically clean for their health and will definitely share their new experiences with you .


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